Our Offer

All our services are based on a strong expertise and a rigorous data-centric approach

Measuring, quantifying, estimating: these actions are at the heart of our practice. Being precise, rigorous, helps us to make the most efficient recommendations: we always seek to achieve the greatest possible impact by saving your means (human or financial).

Our offer is designed to bring you the services that are missing for companies and organizations that want to take a step forward in their digital strategy.


Our experts have a unique experience on the market, acquired during the optimization of hundreds of sites of all sizes over the last twenty years. In particular, we have developed a strong expertise in :

  • optimization on the main ecommerce and CMS platforms on the market (Magento, Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify, Drupal, WordPress, Typo3, AEM, EZPublish…)
  • optimization of sites built using Frameworks Javascript (AngularJS, VueJS, ReactJS)

Our practice of SEO is to be creative and innovative, not to apply old-fashioned recipes that haven’t worked for twenty years. We constantly test our solutions, we measure our results. With us, you will discover an efficient approach: we suggest you do only what is really useful to get results.

Audit de site

Audit de dépénalisation

Technical support during the launch or migration phase

On Page Optimizations, Internal Mesh, HTML/JS/CSS, Structured Data…


Digital strategy

Digital has become key, regardless of your sector.

Whether you are in the midst of a Digital Transformation, or already very advanced in the exploitation of digital media, we can help you develop an efficient Digital strategy in line with your objectives.

We will help you build relevant action plans and make the best use of your budgets and resources.

A successful digital strategy must be integrated into your overall business strategy, and must allow you to stand out from the competition, no matter how far ahead they are on these issues.

Digital strategy definition

Competitive Benchmarks

Media plans on digital media

Inbound Marketing

Traffic acquisition – Performance Marketing

Do you want to quickly obtain qualified traffic, generating sales or revenues?

Entrust us with your budgets, so that we can optimize your campaigns and get the most out of your online advertising investments.

Search Ads (Google Ads, Bing Ads…)

Display, Affiliation, Social Advertising, Youtube…

Audit and optimization of accounts and campaigns

Reporting, budget monitoring and investment strategies

Content Marketing – Inbound Marketing

In times of crisis, our clients favour strategies that are sustainable, efficient and allow them to save on their budgets.

This is what Inbound Marketing allows. We can help you create high value-added content, capable of attracting the target to which you want to sell your products or services. Our creative teams will help you move from simple content production, not always effective, to true Content Marketing, much more targeted and impactful.

But having attractive content is not enough in Inbound Marketing. Our teams will help you develop effective dissemination campaigns, thanks to SEO, social media campaigns, but also through word of mouth: good campaigns are those that can work both online and offline.

Production of high value-added content

Viral campaigns

Editorial Strategy, Guidelines, Briefs, Workflows, Editorial Planning

Solutions for Digital Marketing

Our technical team is constantly developing innovative solutions to meet the new needs of digital marketing. Of course we reuse the best tools on the market, but if a solution is missing: we create it.

Some of these tools come from the work of our R&D department, the Neperian Labs. Our research team is specialized in the applications of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and TALN (Natural Language Processing) to the Web.

But if your needs are basic or classic, count on us to advise you the solution that best suits your context and your budget.

Content optimization tools

Internal mesh optimization tools (tree structure)

Categorization and labeling tools

Landing Page Generator

Competitive benchmarking tools

Big Data – Data Processing

Almost anything can be tracked in Digital Marketing, but the consequence is that you are potentially drowning in data.

The teams of Neper will help you to see clearly. We will tell you which data are interesting to collect (and conform to the RGPD and the new standards without cookies). We will guide you in the choice of adapted and correctly dimensioned solutions to store and process your data. And how to reuse it effectively to help you sell more products or services or achieve your goals.

Data Collection Strategy

Tracking, Data Mining, REN…

Support in the choice of tools: Datawares, Datamarts, DataLakes, DMP, CDP, CRM

Enrichment by Third Party Services


WEB Analytics

Web Analytics tools are great tools for understanding your traffic and audience.

Our teams can help you to tag your sites correctly, but also to elaborate for you relevant dashboards to pilot your campaigns and your projects.

We can also help you optimize your sites, either to improve ergonomics (Heatmaps and A/B Testing) or to improve conversion (CRO).

Tagging plan, Tracking audit

Setting up accounts, developing reports

Elaboration of Dashboards and Scoreboards

A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing, Heatmaps

CRO (Conversion Optimization)


Technology is everywhere in the digital world and mastering it requires ever-increasing expertise.

Our teams are here to help you make the best technology choices, to elaborate efficient and realistic roadmaps, to select the subcontractors who will be able to deliver your developments on time and within budget..

We will also help you manage your projects and your subcontractors, and monitor that everything happens in compliance with the rules of art and the quality charter.

Consulting in technological choices

Assistance in writing specifications and terms of reference

Assistance in the elaboration of Roadmaps, Guidelines, Plannings, Workflow, RACI, PAQ

Intervention of Lead Developers, provision of technical solutions

Project follow-up, Functional and technical recipes, code reviews

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